The war is over, but the world is still licking the wounds.

The Kasaan empire and the kingdom of Corbin came into agreement, but the tension between the countries hasn’t dissipated out of the shadows. Magic has left the land and the people in it scarred. To ease the masses and prevent such powers from running rampant again, there have been mandates against magic. Any caster caught abusing their abilities were to be captured and brought in to take trial. Left to fend for themselves, soldiers with magical gifts were looked down upon and quickly took to hard labor or crime, as no longer would anyone want to harbor a potential mage in their midst. Many were torn and left the countries they fought and lost comrades for.

As an ex-company of soldiers from Kasaan, you’ve been working as mercenaries to get by. You work together to solve any problem for a price, but always making sure to look out after each other. You walk a fine line between renown and ruin, ensuring that any magic the group has is used for utility and is kept secret. If you complete missions too quickly and efficiently, you may be questioned. However if you use no magic at all, you will surely fail some tasks and then your reputation could be tarnished and you will be out of work.


The Scars of War

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